Штрихкодирование и RFID
Беспроводныe Системы
Штрихкодирование и RFID
Беспроводныe Системы
- VoIP Fixed Location Telephone Service

Wireless VoIP Deployment Over Wide Area Networks (WAN)


VoIP gateways have become the world's de facto standard in building voice and video over IP products and services. These gateways provide real-time voice and video IP communications. Many large SMEs are already looking to VoIP service providers for their needs. So are many developing countries that see VoIP as a way to provide services to remote areas that are currently not reachable through traditional means or are under-served with terrestrial infrastructure.

The triple play capabilities of the Nexus radios make them suitable for
service providers to offer VoIP service to their customers

Today, hundreds of thousands of people around the world use commercially deployed IP-centric products and services for next generation networks. However, the focus now is not just getting the VoIP service running but in delivering secure and high quality services.

The versatility and high performance of the Nexus platform from smartBridges opens up enormous potential for wireless VoIP deployment over Wide Area Networks (WAN). The Intelligent wireless Nexus platform can support multiple VoIP connections for last mile connectivity. VoIP compatibility of the Nexus platform ensures the quick adoption and success of these applications for service providers, governments and enterprises.

Benefits of Voice in the Air

Wireless VoIP deployment poses clear benefits including:

  • Low marginal costs as compared to installing a standard PSTN network.
  • Rides on an existing network so there is no need for a new PSTN network.
  • Does not include too many network components.
  • Voice over Wi-Fi produces minimum jitter with bare minimum latency as Wi-Fi uses full duplex channel with up to 15 Mbps and above of throughput.

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