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High-Capacity Point-to-Point Native Ethernet Wireless Networks

The ultimate solution for fixed and mobile backhaul transport is highly scalable, flexible, economical, easy to deploy, and extremely fast with minimal latency-Trango microwave backhaul products embody all of these qualities and more. Trango backhaul equipment is your ultimate solution for microwave point-to-point wireless connectivity.

Carrier Infrastructure

LTE and mobile network operators require high capacity, future-proof backhaul solutions that can provide effortless migration from the TDM network infrastructure that exists today to the high capacity native-IP architecture required for next generation service delivery.

The TrangoLINK GigaPro™ split-mount system is perfectly suited for this challenge. With support for Gigabit Ethernet and native PDH/SDH, the GigaPro™ can fit into today's networks and allow reuse of capacity as network traffic shifts to an all-IP platform tomorrow.

The advanced software defined radio architecture of the GigaPro™ provides a flexible and scalable platform. Instant upgradeability from 100 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps capacity removes the worry of hardware obsolescence while link reliability improvements such as hitless ACM and hitless hardware failover options ensure a failsafe network.

Government and Public Safety

Federal, state, and municipal governments require secure, failsafe networks to carry critical Ethernet and voice traffic. Trango Systems provides point-to-point microwave backhaul solutions for the most demanding environmental applications ensuring high availability and reliable communications.

TrangoLINK GigaPro™ has built in hardware protection provisions that maintain error-free link integrity in the event of equipment failure or due to extreme environmental conditions. The GigaPro™ platform has capacity starting at 100 Mbps that can be remotely upgraded to 1.5 Gbps as the network demands increase.

Private and Enterprise Networks

Private and Enterprise Networks using Trango Systems' licensed microwave systems can realize significant cost savings in recurring costs over traditional leased lines while simultaneously increasing the capacity of their LAN/WAN. Both the TrangoLINK Apex™ and the TrangoLINK GigaPro™ feature guaranteed throughput and ultra-low latency to support video, voice and data traffic. Coupled with the most configurations for improving link reliability, the TrangoLINK™ line leads the industry with the most flexible and scalable options.

Trango Systems' products can be expanded remotely as the network capacity demands increase, via simple software updates. Remote software updates, out-of-band management and easy to learn GUIs with full SNMP support ensure a seamless transition into the most demanding LAN/ WAN environments.

Fixed Wireless Networks

Trango Systems' carrier grade microwave backhaul solutions are ideal for fixed wireless service providers and wireless ISPs. Upgrading legacy license-exempt products to the highly scalable TrangoLINK™ series of licensed products will ensure a future proof network that can allow higher capacity SLAs and eliminates concern about spectrum availability for critical network segments. Operators can choose between TrangoLINK Giga/GigaPro™ - the split-mount platform, or Apex™ - the all-in-one outdoor platform.


TrangoLINK Apex All-Outdoor RF Microwave Link


- High-capacity full duplex bandwidth: Up to 750+ Mbps (375+ Mbps full duplex)
- Ultra low latency, as low as <150 мкс (.15 ms), ideal for bandwidth intensive, time-sensitive triple play applications such as VoIP and video streaming/broadcast
- All-outdoor integrated radio and modem design
- Supports FCC/IC channel sizes of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 56/80 MHz
- Frequencies of operation (ODU): 17.700 to 18.140 GHz, 19.265 to 19.700 GHz

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Product Details

Ethernet Microwave Backhaul System TrangoLINK Apex


TrangoLINK GigaPro™ High Performance Microwave System


TrangoLINK GigaPro™ is a point-to-point high-performance hybrid licensed microwave system that is designed for network operators who require a very high capacity, reliable Ethernet-Native link with legacy support for PDH/SDH transport. This carrier-class RF microwave link is available in licensed frequencies from 6 to 38 GHz for interference-free operation. Ideal for carrier backhaul, WiMAX backhaul, mobile backhaul, and other ISP solutions, this native product is highly-flexible and can support many different equipment configurations such as 1+1, 2+0, East/West, Frequency Diversity, and Spatial Diversity.

Product Details

Point-to-Point Microwave System TrangoLINK GigaPro


TrangoLINK GigaPlus™ Split-Architecture Microwave Backhaul


TrangoLINK GigaPlus™ is a compact, split-architecture, point-to-point, high-performance microwave system that is designed for network operators who require a high capacity, reliable Ethernet-Native link with legacy support for PDH transport. This carrier-class RF microwave link is available in licensed frequencies from 6 to 38 GHz for interference-free operation. Ideal for 3G/4G basestation backhaul, fixed/WiMAX backhaul, enterprise WAN connections, and Government/Municipal applications, this product boasts Adaptive Code Modulation (ACM) and industry-leading system gain to reduce antenna size and increase link reliability.

Product Details

Split-Architecture Licensed Backhaul TrangoLINK GigaPlus


TrangoLINK Giga Point-to-Point Licensed Wireless Backhaul


- 6GHz, 11GHz, 18GHz, 23GHz available
- High-capacity full duplex bandwidth: Up to 620+ Mbps (310+ Mbps full duplex)
- Ultra low latency, as low as <100 мкс (.10 ms), ideal for bandwidth intensive, time-sensitive triple play applications such as VoIP, TDMoIP, and video streaming/broadcast
- Native Ethernet and native TDM
- Four GigE ports (10/100/1000BaseT) with configurable bandwidth provisioning
- GigE ports have port priority assignment (VLAN) and QoS features supporting eight priorities and four queues
- Eight T1/E1 ports are automatically added to or dropped from the data stream when connected or disconnected
- All GigE and T1/E1 ports are port-mapped and operate simultaneously
- Highly flexible modulation/bandwidth/throughput
- Supports jumbo packets in GigE mode
- Modulation shifting based on RSSI and MSE
- Easy alignment via real-time digital LED RSSI indicators directly on both ODU and IDU

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Product Details

Split-Architecture Licensed Backhaul TrangoLINK Giga


TrangoLINK-45 (ATLAS) 5 GHz Wireless Ethernet Bridge


First tri-band 5180-5850 MHz point-to-point OFDM Wireless Ethernet Bridge capable of sustained throughput of 45 Mbps with outstanding features including Dynamic Frequency Selection and Adaptable Rate Modulation. TrangoLINK-45 provides exceptional performance and value in high-capacity backhaul systems for "last mile" connectivity solutions (Internet, T1, leased lines), Utility SCADA systems and deployments of IP-based surveillance systems.

Product Details

Point-to-Point Ethernet Bridge TrangoLINK-45

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  TrangoLINK-45_RU_LR.pdf (186.7 kb)

Access5830TM Broadband Access System


The dual-band Access5830 is a highly versatile and cost effective outdoor point-to-multipoint solution for wireless broadband service providers. The Access5830 delivers 10 Mbps over the air, and operates in either the 5.8 GHz ISM band and the 5.3 GHz U-NII band. Software switchable, dual polarized antennas, coupled with two bands of frequency operation, allow a total of 22 non-overlapping channel/polarization combinations. A variety of Access5830 subscriber units are including the new TrangoFOX series low cost units.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Acces5830_Barco_Aj.pdf (1.3 Mb)
Manuál:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Access5830_UserManual_F.pdf (1.8 Mb)

TrangoFOXTM Series Subscriber Unit


The TrangoFOXTM subscriber unit harnesses the full power of the Access5830TM wireless broadband platform delivering 10 Mbps up to 10 miles. Designed for large scale deployments, the TrangoFOX provides long range as well as a host of powerful provisioning and management tools in a compact, easy-to-install package.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  TrangoFox_Barco_Aj.pdf (126.5 kb)

FOX5800-D - TrangoFOX Subscriber Unit


TrangoFOX Subscriber unit, 10 Mbps, The FOX5800-D (with reflector) provides a range of 16 km. Complete set includes subscriber unit including the dish antenna.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  TrangoFox_Barco_Aj.pdf (126.5 kb)

TrangoLINK-10 Dual Band Wireless Ethernet Bridge


Ideal for enterprise class point-to-point WAN extensions or ISP backhaul applications, the TrangoLINK-10 is versatile, reliable, and robust. The TrangoLINK-10 operates at either 5.8 GHz or 5.3 GHz and provides network operators with an inexpensive, yet powerful outdoor-ready point-to-point Ethernet bridge. The system reliably delivers 10 Mbps up to 10 miles with integrated antennas and up to 40 miles with external antennas. The TrangoLINK-10 can be deployed as a backhaul system or as a wireless alternative to leased line and multiple T1 circuits.


TrangoLINK-10 EXT - Dual Band Wireless Ethernet Bridge


TrangoLINK-10-EXT Wireless Ethernet Bridge with external antenna connectors.


5.8 GHz Falcon PLUSTM - Wireless Video Solution


The High Performance Video/Audio/Data Transmission Solution. The Falcon PLUSTM is a simple, cost-effective, and field-proven solution which delivers high-resolution, real-time, full-motion video up to seven miles line-of-sight at a fraction of the cost of licensed microwave systems and fiber networks. Operating in the unlicensed 5.8 GHz ISM band, the Falcon Plus offers unmatched wireless video performance and a ready-to-install solution for hard-to-reach, remote PTZ or fixed cameras. Boasting twelve user-selectable channels, the Falcon Plus can support multiple camera installations and simultaneous data transmission up to 9600 bps.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Falcon_BARCO_Ang_LR.pdf (135.9 kb)
Manuál:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  M-Falcon2_C.pdf (245.7 kb)

Colubris MSC-3200 Access point / 2.4; 5.3 GHz


Integrated MultiService Access Point and Controller for 100 users. 802.11 radio - a/b/g selectable. Ideal for Hot-spots spplications.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  DS_MSC_3000.pdf (0.8 Mb)

Colubris MAP-320 Access point / 2.4; 5 GHz


Supports up to 16 independent Virtual Service Communities (VSC), Configurable QoS and security policies per VSC, Comprehensive support for VoWLAN and roaming, Daisy-chain Ethernet port provides cabling flexibility, 802.11 Radio a/b/g selectable.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  ds_map.pdf (341 kb)

Colubris MAP-320R Outdoor AP / 2.4; 5 GHz


Outdoor version MAP-320.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  ds_map.pdf (341 kb)

Colubris MAP-330 Access point / 2.4; 5 GHz


Specification as MAP-320, dual-radio model - giving network managers the added flexibility of operating two channels in any combination of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  ds_map.pdf (341 kb)

Colubris MAP-330R Outdoor Access point / 2.4; 5 GHz


MAP-330 Outdoor version.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  ds_map.pdf (341 kb)

Colubris MGW-1250 Secure WLAN Gateway / 2.4; 5 GHz


Turnkey remote office WLAN solution, Central management, distributed control, Embedded VPN termination/aggregation, Multiservice integration/migration, WLAN policies enforced at the edge, Integrated Voice-over-WLAN services, Open, standards-based network integration.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  ds_mgw1250.pdf (60.9 kb)

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