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Штрихкодирование и RFID
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Products & Technology - Fixed Data Terminals

Vehicle Mount and Fork-Lift Data Terminals for Data Collection

Barcode Scanners Fixed data terminals are suitable for data collection from barcode scanners and magnetic cards scanners, ev. for manual data entry. The fixed data terminals are often used for tracking of manufacturing operations. Based on model, the terminals are equipped with large display, numeric or alfa-numeric key board, communication interface for data transmission through serial line or ethernet. Advanced models are equipped with PCMCIA slot.

The Fork-Lift Data Terminals serves as well as mobile data terminals for data collection but these terminals are fixed to fork-lift construction. Thus the construction of the terminals is very robust designed for the harshest environments of the warehouse or loading docks, the terminals are equipped with large color touchscreen SVGA display and keyborad. The external barcode scanner connection is enabled through serial port RS-232.

Vehicle-mounted Mobile Computer Motorola VC5090


The VC5090 combines rugged construction and high performance wireless networking to enable real-time data access and collection in the harshest environments - from the loading dock and freezer to the warehouse floor. OS Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Professional, memory 128MB SDRAM/192MB Flash, SD memory card slot, coloured displey, keyboard. Rugged construction, IP66, operating temperature -30 to 50C. Wireless communications - Bluetooth (support for wireless printing and cordless scanning), 802.11a/b/g. Interface 2x RS232, keyboard/USB port. VoIP support, RFID ready.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_VC5090_RU.pdf (395.3 kb)

Vehicle Mount Computer Datalogic R Series


The R Series Vehicle Mounted Computers tailored for warehouse management, cold storage and harsh outdoor or manufacturing shop floor. Available in three different sizes, to fit different mounting and space constraints. The aluminium outer case with fan less design withstands the vibration and shocks experienced onboard rigid suspension vehicles. IP sealed to the maximum extent, R Series resists dust, rain and harsh cleaners. Wide operating temperature range -30 to 50 C. Operating system Windows CE, large high visibility color graphics display, with multiple screen sizes 7", 10" and 12". Mounting options include support for the vehicle mounted computer, hand-held readers, ABCD or QWERTY external keyboards.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_R-Series_EN.pdf (286.9 kb)

Panel PC AFL-10A-LX


All-in-One Panel PC especially suitable for applications in limited spaces. AMD Geode LX-800 533MHz, support OS Win XP / XPe, WinCE, Linux, WEPOS. Color touchscreen display, resolution 800x600. Rugged construction, anti-vibration protection, IP64. Komunikace 2x RS-232/422/485, 2x USB, 2x LAN, 1x WLAN. Ideal platform for industrial automation, warehouse...

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_AFOLUX-Series_EN.pdf (1.4 Mb)

Vehicle Mount Computer Trek-755


Terminal with 10,4" LCD touchscreen suitable for mounting in fork-lift trucks. Rugged aluminum enclosure and fanless design, IP 65. Anti-freeze version is able to working at temperatures -30 to 50C. Flexible power source: Default 24 VDC, optional 12 VDC, 48 VDC. OS Win 98/2000/XP, Linux, WinCE.NET 4.2 or XP Embedded. Connectivity RS-232, USB, ethernet, PS/2, VGA, 2x PCMCIA II and 1x PCMCIA III.

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_TREK-755_EN.pdf (314.3 kb)

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