Штрихкодирование и RFID
Беспроводныe Системы
Штрихкодирование и RFID
Беспроводныe Системы
Barcode & RFID label software
Free demo trial versions of the barcode & RFID label software.
Free Trial Edition of BarTender Label Software
For the first 30 days, the Trial Edition of BarTender functions just like the full-working product. After that time, BarTender runs in a slightly limited "demo mode". Once you purchase the full-working BarTender, it will load and print any label designs created with the Trial Edition.

BarTender to DownloadVersion & BuildDateSize
Trial Edition (English only) V9.4 SR3 21-Jul-2010  93 MB
Trial Edition (Multilingual) V9.4 SR3 21-Jul-2010 145 MB

Visit the BarTender Pages:

BarTender Label Software Homepage

BarTender Printer Drivers

"Getting Started" BarTender manuals

BarTender Tutorial (English)

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Design Professional Quality Labels. This tutorial takes you through a sample design session with BarTender, covering some of the key design features along the way.

Click here to launch BarTender Demo

BarTender Brochure -   BarTender_Brochure_RU.pdf (2.1 Mb, 5. 3. 2013)
BarTender RFID Support -   RFID_Supplement.pdf (1 Mb, 5. 3. 2013)

Price Lists
Trango European Price List
Wireless Ethernet Products -   EU_Trango_European Price List.pdf (147.1 kb, 5. 3. 2013)
Wireless Video Products -   Trango _Video_Price_List_2008.pdf (78.9 kb, 5. 3. 2013)

Case studies - WMS / Barcode / RFID / WiFi
Case studies with description of Barco realized projects - warehouse management, printing solution, barcode solution, RFID and wireless solution.
Mobile Printing Solution
Retail/Ahold Czech Republic -   CS_Ahold_Barco_mobile printing solution_english.pdf (209.2 kb, 5. 3. 2013)
Warehouse Management
Solution for online warehouse management.
FMCG / Delimax -   CS_WMS_Varmuza_EN.pdf (205.9 kb, 5. 3. 2013)
Automotive / Kasko -   CS_WMS_Kasko_EN.pdf (333.6 kb, 5. 3. 2013)
RFID technology
Sports / SportChallenge -   CS_Barco_RFID_SportChallenge_RU.pdf (586.5 kb, 5. 3. 2013)

Barco Banking Information, Term & Conditions
Please download our banking information, terms, payment and delivery conditions.
Payment Terms & Conditions -   Barco_Payment_Terms_&_Conditions.pdf (73.6 kb, 5. 3. 2013)

Datalogic SW Utilities
The powerful and versatile software tool that allows an easy and fast reader set-up. Extremely flexible and intuitive, Datalogic Aladdin offers customers the opportunity to manage the configuration of noted handheld products with a single software tool.
DL Sm@rtSet™
A powerful and versatile solution, based on Window standard graphic interface, it guarantees a quick and easy device configuration.
DL Sm@rtSet 1.70 -   DLSmartSet170.zip (11.1 Mb, 5. 3. 2013)
USB-COM Driver
USB-COM Driver - Enables any data coming from the USB port to be seen by the host like coming from a standard COM port (a virtual COM port is defined inside the host). Any existing application software using the serial interface can be transparently used simply redirecting the data input to the virtual COM defined.
USB-COM Driver v.2.00 -   USB-COMDriverv20.zip (65.9 kb, 5. 3. 2013)
Windows-based utility program that provides a quick and user-friendly configuration method for the identified 2D reader. It is also suitable for the firmware upgrade of the device. Available for Lynx, Lynx Bluetooth and Gryphon D432.
VisualSetup 4.1 -   VisualSetup41.zip (19.9 Mb, 5. 3. 2013)

Atlas LBC Calculator
Atlas LBC_Calc -   AtlasLBC_Calc.zip (23 kb, 5. 3. 2013)
Firmware - Atlas v 1p01r1
Atlas5010 v 1p01r1 -   Atlas5010_1p1r1_Firmware.zip (2.2 Mb, 5. 3. 2013)

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