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As the demand for wireless security surveillance using web (IP) cameras continues to expand, service providers and systems integrators will increasingly be asked to provide cost effective, reliable solutions that support a vast array of operating conditions and environments. Addressing a reliable wireless web camera solution can be a fairly daunting task.

When it comes to web camera systems, bandwidth is a key concern as most tend to be very bandwidth-intensive. And some web cameras will not allow you to throttle back the bandwidth needs of the camera. Therefore, the wireless network needs to have sufficient throughput, bandwidth management capability and a Quality of Service (QoS) feature to ensure that image quality is adequate for surveillance while not compromising the traffic of other data.

Video Surveillance Center

A digital web surveillance camera combined with a wireless radio is a mobile,
flexible security system that can be quickly deployed anywhere

For surveillance in remote areas, power requirements can pose a problem. A surveillance video camera and wireless CPE combination, which can be used together with solar panels, batteries or both, is suitable for such deployments. The Nexus series from smartBridges has one of the lowest power requirements among wireless devices and is ruggedly designed for outdoor deployments. It can be combined with a WAN/LAN or satellite backbone.

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