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TrangoLINK Giga® Split-Architecture Licensed Backhaul

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Licensed Microwave Backhaul System TrangoLINK Giga® is a split-architecture microwave link system that delivers up to 310+ Mbps of full duplex bandwidth (620+ Mbps aggregate). TrangoLINK Giga®, feature ultra-low latency performance (as low as 100 microseconds), with exceptionally high packets-per-second rates (as many as 1 million PPS). The combination of high capacity, low latency, and high PPS makes TrangoLINK Giga® system especially suited for time-sensitive triple play traffic such as voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), mobile broadband, video streaming and broadcast applications.

Shared Features TrangoLINK Giga®

620 Mbps aggregate capacity

Ultra low latency, <100 µs

1,000,000+ packets per second

Easy TDM to IP migration and mixed traffic

4× GigE IP ports, 8× T1/E1 TDM ports

Flexible modulation settings for greater spectral efficiency

Fast modulation shifting

Ethernet native for optimal network scalability

Supports jumbo packets in GigE mode

Port Priority assignment (VLAN) and QoS features

Supports hot standby, link redundancy, 1+1 protection

Supports ring/mesh/star network topologies, with RPS

Excellent system gain for longer range, higher availability

In-band management and out-of-band management

Network management via SSH, SNMP, and HTTP browser

Easy alignment via digital LED RSSI indicators

Microwave Backhaul TrangoLINK Giga® Description

microwave backhaul trangolink giga TrangoLINK Giga® is a high-performance licensed microwave wireless point-to-point system designed for carrier Ethernet, high-capacity cellular/WiMAX/WISP broadband backhaul, mobile network backhaul, private networks, and enterprise WAN/LAN extensions, and municipal and public wireless networks.

TrangoLINK Giga® delivers industry-leading latency, unequaled flexibility, carrier-grade reliability and unmatched economics. TrangoLINK Giga® is available in ANSI and ETSI models for frequencies 6, 11, 15, 18, and 23 GHz. TrangoLINK Giga® supports all types of TDM and Ethernet/IP traffic, making it ideal for mixed traffic, OC3 replacement, or an easy all-IP migration.

TrangoLINK Giga® provides a full duplex wireless connection over the air that is ideal for mixed traffic that requires both IP and traditional TDM T1/E1 connectivity.

Each TrangoLINK Giga® consists of two indoor units (IDU) and two outdoor units (ODU). The ODU attaches easily to an external antenna that delivers high link gain and availability.


Low cost of ownership

Excellent system gain for longer range and higher availability

No right-of-way issues, unlike fiber deployment

Fast ROI relative to fiber and other traditional options

Easy Setup and Deployment

Minimal maintenance, “set and forget”

Split-mount architecture with direct-mount, slip-fit ODU and 1U rackmount unit IDU

Easy alignment via real-time digital LED RSSI indicators directly on both ODU and IDU

Easily upgrade throughput as you need it, with no hardware replacements and no forklift upgrades

Pay-as-you-grow 2-tier throughput upgrade path


Highly flexible bandwidth management options

Selectable filters for improved sensitivity

Flexible modulation for greater spectral efficiency

Supports jumbo packets in GigE mode

Port Priority assignment (VLAN) and QoS features

Four configurable 10/100/1000 BaseT ports for payload

Eight T1/E1 ports that are automatically added to or dropped from the data stream when connected or disconnected

Fail Safe Features for High Reliability

Hot standby configuration for protection against equipment failure

Supports dual power supplies for power redundancy


Network management through SSH, SNMP, HTTP, and Serial port

Built in loop back and far end monitoring

Key Features

Up to 620+ Mbps throughput

Ultra low latency for video, VoIP and data triple play applications

4 GigE IP ports, 8 T1/E1 TDM ports, for easy TDM to IP migration and mixed traffic

Support for FCC, IC, and ETSI standards

Standard 2-year manufacturer warranty


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