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Rugged Slim RFID UHF Antenna FlexiRayTM SFR

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slim rfid uhf antenna

RFID UHF Antenna Description

Modular slim planar antenna FlexiRay SFR with unique radiation pattern enabling creation of RFID reading zones in entrances, corridors, doors for access control, asset tracking or retail applications.

Thanks to its modular size, thickness and robustness it is also suitable for applications in manufacturing, conveyors and production lines.

FlexiRay SFR Antenna Usage

doorway rfid antenna

Access control, asset tracking or retail applications

RFID portals and reading zones in entrances, gates, doors and corridors

Manufacturing, conveyors and production lines

RFID Antenna Options

conveyor rfid antenna The antenna is supplied in various lengths from 180 to 1090 mm, thus allowing optimal adaptation to specific installation. Rugged all-metal construction was developed for use in demanding industrial conditions.

RFID UHF antenna FlexiRay SFR provides flexible mounting capability. The design allows deployment not only in industrial environments but also in interiors and offices. Antenna has circular polarization and is also available for FCC and ETSI frequencies. Antennas are equipped with robust N-type connector for flexible cable connection.

Antenna with gain 3 dBic was designed for short range applications requiring reading characteristics along the whole antenna length. Using max. EIRP 2W it can achieve reading distance from 2 to 3 metres, depending on the type of antenna, used reader, cable length, used RFID tags and environment.

* Tested in open air, Alien and Impinj reader 30 dBm, 4m RG-58 cable, Alien Squiggle tag

RFID UHF Antenna Technical Specification

Frequency Range
866 - 868 MHz (ETSI)
902 - 928 MHz (FCC)
0 dBi (3 dBic)
50 Ohms
1,5 : 1
Max. Input Power
10 W
N female
Operating Temperature
-25°C to +60°C

Model Number
H - Plane
80° 50° 40° 32° 25°
E - Plane Beamwidth 80° 110° 100° 95° 95°
Length 180 mm 460 mm 710 mm 885 mm 1090 mm
Width 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm
Height 34 mm 34 mm 34 mm 34 mm 34 mm
Weight 0,5 kg 0,7 kg 1 kg 1,2 kg 1,5 kg
Ordering Code
Ordering Code - ETSI
(865 - 868 MHz)
SFR1100 SFR1200 SFR1300 SFR1400 SFR1500
Ordering Code - FCC
(902 - 928 MHz)
SFR1101 SFR1201 SFR1301 SFR1401 SFR1501

Antenna Key Features

Aesthetic design suitable for placement into entrances or passages

Modular antenna length

Low mounting depth

Rugged all-metal construction

Conveyor RFID antenna

Unique radiation pattern


FlexiRay Product Datasheets

Rugged Slim
RFID UHF Antenna
FlexiRay SFR
(PDF 0,5 MB)

Ultra Slim
RFID UHF Antenna
FlexiRay SF 1.X
(PDF 0,3 MB)

Ultra Slim
RFID UHF Antenna
FlexiRay SF 2.X
(PDF 0,3 MB)

Key Antenna RFID Market Segments

Manufacturing & Conveyors

Offices & Commercial Buildings

Hospitals & HealthCare

Telecommunications, Data Centers Assets and IT Equipment Tracking

Retail, Business & Commercial Outlets

Fashion, Apparel & Textile Outlets

Libraries, Galleries & Museums

Banks & Financial Institutions

Department of Defence (DoD), Army and Security Agencies

Government Institutions and Agencies

Hotels and Hospitality Solutions

Sport Timing Systems

Events, Exhibitions & Trade Show Management

Universities & Education Institutions

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