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technologie - čtečky, antény, tagy RFID is an abbreviation that stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a contactless identification serving for data transfer and storage using electromagnetic waves. The basic RFID components for information storage and transfer include a chip (tag), located on a plastic support and connected to a spiral antenna, by means of which it communicates with a scanner EPC code (Electronic Product Code), uniquely identifying a given tag, or a product or transport package, sensor with antenna, electronic device responsible for mediation of communication with tags via the antenna and for reading of the EPC code and middleware, which filters and submits data for use within the information system. The reader can be in a form of for example RFID gate or it can be mobile in the form of data terminal/scanner. The role of standardization commission is played by the EPCglobal association. EPCglobal members now include hundreds of renowned world firms out of numerous business companies, product manufacturers and technological companies. EPCglobal is represented in the Czech Republic by the GS1 Czech Republic association EPCglobal.

RFID tagy a etikety RFID technology is presently more and more applied in larger perspective in various industries for real time contactless identification, localizing and tracking of goods, property and people. The RFID technology application is now by no means only a matter of retail companies. The organizations planning to implement RFID technologies include also companies from the area of production, logistics, transport, defence and healthcare. Their objective is to achieve high level of logistics processes automation and highly increased operation accuracy, thus to increase efficiency, decrease operating costs and minimize number of errors caused by human factor. The first realization and implementation of the RFID in the world showed contributions of RFID technologies in the form of better overview of goods movement thanks to its tracking from supplier up to the end customer.

The main RFID technology competitive advantages and benefits: RFID Technology - Process Automation
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Improving the efficiency and visibility of the supply chain by automating manual processes
  • Reducing shrinkage and theft
  • Enabling faster decision-making at the point of data capture
  • Preventing the distribution and sale of counterfeit products
  • Interacting seamlessly with current information technology
The RFID product portfolio of the ALIEN TECHNOLOGY Company contains the entire infrastructure necessary for implementation of the RFID technologies including readers, antennas and tags according to EPC Class1, Gen1 and Gen2. RFID Technology - 
ALIEN TECHNOLOGYThe RFID products have been developed with regard to the needs and possibilities of customers, with special focus on the required range, speed and accuracy of reading and robustness of the entire solution. The products of the ALIEN TECHNOLOGY Company are characteristic by their power parameters, flexible architecture and low implementation costs. In order to optimize RFID integration into current infrastructure, ERP systems and other corporate applications, the ALIEN TECHNOLOGY Company cooperates in the area of development of RFID technologies with worldwide suppliers of software platforms, like IBM, Oracle or Microsoft. The ALIEN products comply with  EPCglobal standards and meet all the requirements of regulatory authorities for mutual interoperability of RFID systems in Europe and worldwide.

Technological innovations and success have become a basis for cooperation in initial pilot projects worldwide. The largest customers of the ALIEN TECHNOLOGY Company include Procter & Gamble, Gillette, Wal-Mart or Kimberly-Clark.


RFID Tags, Labels & Inlays



RFID Tags Alien ALN-9640 Squiggle


Global UHF operation 860 - 960 MHz

Standrard EPC Class 1 Gen 2

Antenna dimensions 95 x 8,2mm

User memory 512 bits, for EPC 96-480 bits

Minimum 10,000 programing cycles (write/erase)

Operating temperature -40ºC to +70ºC

Ideal for case tagging, pallet placards, and baggage tags

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_ALN-9640-Squiggle_EN.pdf (1.1 Mb)

RFID Inlays Alien ALN-9662 Short


ALN-9662 world tag with global operation between 860 - 960 MHz (enable consistent operation across the diverse frequencies of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa)

EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2

User memory 512 bits, for EPC 96-480 bits

Antenna dimensions 70 x 17mm

Operating temperature -40ºC to +70ºC

Minimum 10,000 programing cycles (write/erase)

Great choice for apparel hang tags, cases and pallet placard labels

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_ALN-9662-Short_EN.pdf (649.3 kb)

UHF RFID Tags Alien ALN-9634 2x2


A high performance inlay originally designed for baggage tags and smaller form factor applications such as apparel tags and plastic pharmaceutical pill bottles

Global operations 860 - 960 MHz

EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2

Antenna dimensions 44 x 46mm

User memory 512 bits, for EPC 96-480 bits

Minimum 10,000 programing cycles (write/erase)

Operating temperature -40ºC to +70ºC

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_ALN-9634-2x2_EN.pdf (57.2 kb)

RFID Inlays Alien ALN-9629 Square


ALN-9629 tag enable worldwide RFID UHF operation (860 - 960 MHz)

Standard EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2

Antenna dimensions 22,5 x 22,5mm

Operating temperature -40ºC to +70ºC

User memory 512 bits, for EPC 96-480 bits

Min 10,000 programing cycles (write/erase)

Excellent choice for pharmaceuticals or apparel hang tags

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_ALN-9629-Square_EN.pdf (54.5 kb)

RFID Tags Alien ALN-9654 G


RFID UHF tag with global operation between 860 - 960 MHz

EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2

Antenna dimensions 93 x 19mm

User memory 512 bits, for EPC 96-480 bits

Minimum 10,000 programing cycles (write/erase)

Operating temperature -40ºC to +70ºC

Excellent choice for high dielectric materials such as high density plastic totes and pallets, or windshield glass

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_ALN-9654-G_EN.pdf (629.9 kb)

RFID labels - Smart Labels


ALIEN RFID labels with integrated passive RFID tags according to EPC Class1, GEN1, GEN2

Many types of labels and RFID tags offers sufficient of data capacity

Various shapes of tags makes it possible to flexible selection and possibilities of different using in ndustry or in office with different frequencies UHF (ultra high frequency 860-920MHz), HF (high frequency 13.56 MHz), LF (low frequency 125 kHz)


RFID Readers & Data Terminals



RFID reader - Alien ALR9900+EMA


The ALR-9900+EMA spupports latest EN 302-208-2 four channel plan

Reader support EPC Gen 2; ISO 18000-6c protocols

The ALR-9900+EMA is ideal solution for demanding applications such as high-speed conveyors and dock doors

4 reverse polarity TNC monostatic ports for antennas

Industrial, installation-friendly I/O connector

Exceptional sensitivity and performance

Automode, with on-board state machine


communications LAN TCPI/IP, RS232

Dimensions 20.3 x 17.8 x 4.1 cm (L x W x D), weight 1,5kg

IP53, operational temperature -20°C to +50°C

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  Datasheet_ALR-9900_EMA_EN.pdf (456.1 kb)

RFID Handheld Barcode Scanner


BI-500, smart and energetic handheld barcode scanner, brings cost-effective mobility and geniusly advanced data collection options to batch type or real-time use for field workers. With Bluetooth communication, this barcode scanner is compatible with smartphones running on Windows, Android, or iOS.

Integrated HF RFID reader (optional)

Integrated 1D laser / 2D Imager (HD optional)

1.5m drop tolerance and IP54 sealing

110g with battery

Integrated GPS

Windows CE 5.0

Windows, Android and iOS compatible

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  DS_BI-500_EN.pdf (2.1 Mb)

Mobile RFID Terminals


In our RFID portfolio you can find several mobile RFID terminals with possibility of reading RFID tags for office as well as industrial application.

We represent RFID suppliers like Motorola, Unitech or Datalogic.

Overview of the RFID terminals you can find here:

Mobile RFID terminals


RFID Antennas & Portals



Rugged Slim RFID UHF Antenna - FlexiRay SFR


Modular slim planar antenna enabling creation of RFID reading zones in entrances, doors, on conveyors or production lines

Dimensions: 180-1090 x 130 x 34 mm (h x w x d)

Frequency range 866-868 MHz (ETSI), 902-928 MHz (FCC)

Circular polarization, N connector

Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C

RFID UHF Antenna Details

Read more here:

FlexiRay SFR - Rugged & Slim RFID UHF Antenna Technical Details

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  FlexiRay_SFR-1X_slim_rugged_RFID_antenna_EN.pdf (411.3 kb)

Ultra Slim RFID UHF Antenna - FlexiRay SF


Modular ultra-slim planar antenna enabling creation of RFID reading zones in entrances or doors

The antenna allows completely invisible installation into door-frames

Dimensions: 110-1025 x 100 x 2 mm (h x w x d)

Frequency range 866-868 MHz (ETSI), 902-928 MHz (FCC)

Circular polarization, SMA connector

Operating temperature 0°C to +60°C

There are 2 antenna model lines available

SF-1.X - first generation antenna, read range 2-3 meters*

SF-2.X - new generation, read range 4-7 meters*

RFID UHF Antenna Details

Read more here:

FlexiRay SF - Ultra Slim RFID UHF Antenna Technical Details

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  FlexiRay_SF-1X_ultra_slim_RFID_antenna_EN.pdf (669.5 kb)
Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  FlexiRay_SF-2X_RFID_Antenna_Ultra_Slim_EN.pdf (541.1 kb)

Conveyor RFID UHF Antenna FlexiRay


RFID antenna for manufacturing and production tracking on roller or belt conveyors.

RFID antenna FlexiRay is supplied in various lengths from 180 to 1090 mm, thus allowing optimal adaptation to specific conveyor width and production line installation

Rugged all-metal construction was developed for use in industrial conditions for manufacturing tracking and production track & trace automation solutions

By creating the appropriate RFID reading zones just above or bellow the particular conveyor you will get desired antenna reading performance

FlexiRay Conveyor Antenna Details

Read more here:

FlexiRay SFR - Conveyor RFID Antenna Technical Details

Datasheet:    Otevřít   Stáhnout  FlexiRay_SFR_conveyor_RFID_antenna_EN.pdf (301.3 kb)

RFID Portal


Automatic & robust RFID portal with stationary RFID UHF RFID reader and antennas for creating RFID reading zones in entrances, exits, gates, transit and shipping ramps

RFID portal includes a complete set of necessary RFID hardware - RFID UHF reader ALIEN, 2 antenna and cables in rugged and ethetic design

Possible to deliver only construction without RFID hardware


RFID Printers



RFID Printers/Encoders


We have various type of RFID printers in our RFID technolgy portfolio. Our offer of RFID printers you can find on following link:

RFID printers

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