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Barcode Label Printers Supplies - Labels, Ribbons & Other Suplies
Nowadays there are plenty of materials available on the market at any size that can be used for barcode label printing. We are ready to offer you as standard paper adhesive labels for common usage as well as special labels, tas and wristbands wheather for industrial, harsh conditions or agressive environments etc.

Besides label supplies without printing we can ensure also label printing supplies taht can be beneficial for you epsecialy random or small quantity label printing.

Besides a wide variety of label materials, barcode printers can also print on tag and ticket stock, wristbands, polyester, polypropylene, and other synthetic materials. Different colors are available, but color should be used cautiously because insufficient contrast between bars and the background space will produce unreadable barcodes. Brand protection media is available with overt and covert security features for authentication, counterfeit and diversion deterrence, and secure data encoding. Label media, coatings, and adhesives provide resistance to temperature extremes, moisture, acids, washes, UV exposure, and other hazards to label quality. Thermal printers can also print and encode smart labels, which contain a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip and antenna inlay embedded within the label media.


We offer both direct thermal and thermal transfer labels. Thermal transfer labels provide more durable, long-lasting results. Direct thermal labels provide an inexpensive way to print paper labels for use in a multitude of general-purpose applications.

Tisk etiket - Barco - etikety, štítky na koutočích pro tisk paletových a výrobkových etiket dle GS1 / UCC-EAN / VDA


The right receipt printing solution for your business allows you to provide accurate, readable receipts with each transaction, which ensures accurate records management, returns processing, and customer care.


We are ready to supply the right thermal transfer ribbon for your application, whether you require wax ribbons sutiable for paper labels, wax/resin ribbons suitable for printing on syntetic material (PE, PP, PET. etc.), or resin ribbons suitable for specific conditions.
We supply TTR ribbons for all types of printer, the most common sizes for printers Zebra, Intermec, Datamax, Argox are regularly on stock. Based on printer type the ribbons set-up are produced either as ribbon wound ink side OUT or wound ink side IN.

Tisk čárových kódů - Barco - barvící pásky do TTR / DT tiskáren


Wristbands are available in direct thermal, thermal transfer, or RFID formats, deliver secure tracking as well as excellent print quality and color-coding options.


For RFID Printer Supply, RFID Labeling Supplies & label printing supplies please visit  folowing links:

RFID technologie pro tisk RFID etiket a programování tagů - Barco - systémy na bázi identifikace RFID a čárovým kódem


Whether you need tags for tickets or tags that withstand high heat, chemicals, and solvents, we can offer both direct thermal and thermal transfer tags. We also able to offer complete line of durable plastic cards, including cards with special security features.


Pallet, Case & Product Labels according to UCC / EAN 128 / VDA Standard


Carton & Pallet Labels according to UCC / EAN 128 standard


Labeling according to UCC/EAN128 standard is required retail chains from reason effective data processing at goods receiving and food traceability.
More information in section Products - Software - SmartLabeling.


Pallet & Product Labels according to VDA standard


Pallet and product labeling according to VDA/UUC/EAN128 standard.
More information in section Products - Software - SmartLabeling.


Product Labels according to EAN standard


According to customer requirements it's possible to desing and supply label printing solution made-to-measure.

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