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Esthetic & Rugged New Generation FlexiRay SFR 2.X RFID Antenna Unveiled

Barco unveiled new generation RFID UHF antenna FlexiRay SFR 2.X. The innovative FlexiRay SFR antennas with 5,5 dBic gain offer great read range, rugged yet esthetic & unobtrusive design. The high-quality aluminum & pleasing design makes the antenna suitable for RFID reading zones in entrances, doors and gates as well as for logistics, warehouse and industrial applications.

June 5, 2013, Czech Republic

Barco introduced new generation of RFID UHF antennas FlexiRay SFR 2.X. New SFR product line is based on innovated radiation pattern of SF 2.X and superior new grade low loss materials in rugged & unobtrusive enclosure. SFR 2.X antennas with gain 5,5 dBic address the needs for application requiring esthetic and pleasing technology design as well as sufficient gain and great read ranges. Using maximum EIRP 2W it can achieve reading distance from 4 to 7 meters, depending on the type of antenna, used reader, cable length, used RFID tags and environment.

New generation SFR 2.X enables creation of RFID reading zones in entrances, exits, corridors, doors and gates. Esthetic and pleasing design allows deploying the antennas in interiors for asset & people tracking in commercial, retail & library applications. Thanks to its modular size, thickness and robustness it is also suitable for applications in light logistics and industrial environment, manufacturing, reading on conveyors and production lines.

FlexiRay SFR 2.X is supplied in various lengths from 585 to 1090 mm, thus allowing optimal adaptation to specific installation. Rugged high-quality aluminum construction was developed for use in logistics, manufacturing and industrial conditions. Antenna has circular polarization and is available for FCC and ETSI frequencies. Antennas are equipped with robust N-type connector for flexible cable connection.

“The new generation FlexiRay SFR antennas proved that RFID technology can be nice & esthetic and provide great functionality and performance at the same time. The technology design is a key to successful RFID adoption, growth & development in many application areas. We are glad we can contribute to this growth also thanks to our innovative RFID antenna line", clarified Tomas Kubicek, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Barco.

About FlexiRay – RFID Antennas & Portals
RFID UHF antennas & portals FlexiRay with ultra thin profile, pleasing, unobtrusive and esthetic design enable creation of UHF RFID reading zones in the interior, entrances, exits and door gate areas. Antennas FlexiRay find their utilization in asset tracking, shelf item identification, people access control and time attendance systems across the vertical industries and sectors. Ultra slim 2 mm profile allows deployment in smart shelves, RFID racks, cabinets, smart displays, kiosks and embedded RFID UHF applications. The esthetic rugged high-quality aluminum SFR version is suitable for applications on belt conveyors and production lines. FlexiRay RFID UHF antennas are modular, can be supplied in various lengths thus providing flexible mounting options and optimal adaptation to a particular installation.

About Barco
Barco is a system integrator and developer in the field of barcode applications, RFID, RTLS and wireless technologies. Innovative potential of the company lies in the development of advanced niche AutoID & RFID solutions. We focus on developing RFID, RTLS, on-line data collection, WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and barcoding systems. Among our key activities belongs development and manufacturing of RFID UHF antennas with ultra thin profile and esthetic design suitable for indoor RFID applications. The corporation was established in 1993. For more information please visit

Ing. Tomas Kubicek, Marketing & Business Development Manager
Barco, s.r.o.
Phone: +420 572 520 052
E-mail: tkubicek (at)

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