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Trango Systems Introduces Patent-Pending Flexible All-Outdoor 6-40 GHz Microwave Backhaul Systems

Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic, March 3, 2011 –Trango Systems, Inc. a leader in microwave backhaul solutions, introduced the second generation of its popular Apex all-outdoor microwave backhaul system.  The release consists of two new models, the TrangoLINK ApexPlus™ and the TrangoLINK Orion Elite™, designed for the mobile backhaul, fixed wireless, government and enterprise markets. TrangoLINK Orion Elite™ provides 1 Gbps Single Carrier performance with the latest Encryption Technology

ApexPlus and Orion Elite build on the foundation of the TrangoLINK Apex™ all-outdoor system which has been deployed worldwide for the past 3 years. Both new models share a patent-pending flexible design that allows support for all international frequency bands and TR spacings from 6-40 GHz and provides industry-leading system gain performance. Both products are true zero-footprint designs when combined with Trango’s integrated PoE/Lightning suppressor or direct power options.

Interfaces include GigE copper, Fiber and T1/E1 interfaces. Hitless Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) is standard and the systems supports 1+1 Hot standby configurations for full link redundancy.

The Orion Elite model features Intelligent Payload Compression (IPC™), which provides capacity up to 1 Gbps on a single carrier, and is the first all outdoor system to incorporate IPsec with AES256-GCM modes for NSA Suite B compliance, along with IKEv2 Internet Key Exchange.  The TrangoLINK Orion Elite™ takes the performance and security of an all-outdoor system to new heights never seen before.

About Trango Systems
Trango Systems, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, CA designs and manufactures high-capacity, high performance end-to-end connectivity solutions for the extension of fiber, copper, wireless, private and public networks. Trango equipment is used in thousands of applications worldwide serving cellular/mobile backhaul networks, high-speed broadband wireless internet access, carrier Ethernet IP networks, enterprise/business/campus LAN expansion, security and video surveillance systems, wireless wide area networks (WWAN) and municipal wireless and government applications.

About Barco
The Barco Company operates on the ICT market since 1993. Barco is a provider of IT solutions in the area of barcode, RFID applications and wireless technologies for voice, data and video transmission. Barco is a distributor of wireless technologies operating in 2,4GHz / 3,5GHz / 5GHz bands based on WiFi or WiMAX standard. Barco delivers solutions for wireless transmission, broadband access and high-capacity backbone networks for telecommunication sector. Its product portfolio is suitable for a wide range of applications, predominantly for the needs of communication companies, telecommunication operators and internet service providers. Barco registered capital amounts to 20 000 000 CZK. Barco is a holder of certificate ISO 9001:2001.


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