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RFID UHF reader for large-scale systems with a minimum of cabling

Barco has successfully completed the development of RFID reader for UHF band. RFID reader with ultra-thin antennas FlexiRay allow to create large-scale RFID systems with a minimum of cabling.

Uh. Hradiste, Czech Republic, 23.7.2010

Barco has completed the development of RFID reader for UHF band. RFID reader is capable to connect up to 8 antennas and with superior system it communicates wirelessly using a standard WiFi network. Part of the RFID project was the development of special ultra-thin modular planar antennas for automatic identification of objects in the interior or in an industrial environment. These antennas have a variable length of 50-100 cm and a thickness of only 2 mm, making them ideal for creating RFID reading zones for asset tracking applications in doors, entrances, hallways, tracking in manufacturing on conveyor belts or IT equipment tracking in rack cabinets.

The concept of RFID reader, its small size, built-in power supply and wireless data transfer via Wi-Fi network with unique antennas features and dimensions allow creating large-scale RFID systems with tens to hundreds of reading places with minimal cabling. Due to the size of antennas the reading zones may be optimally adapted to the application situation and the installation can be almost invisible and elegant.

This project was funded with support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For more information on the RFID reader development, we asked Mr. Miroslav Pípal, Managing Director of Barco:

For what reason has Barco decided to develop its own RFID reader?
Current UHF RFID readers on the market are relatively bulky, expensive and require an external power supply. In addition to this they are capable to connect small number of antennas. This is an obstacle for applications where it is necessary to read the tags from tens or hundreds of reading points and also for interior applications, where for aesthetic or safety reasons, it is not possible to leave free excess cabling.

What therefore distinguishes the RFID reader against the available solutions on the market?
Reader is optimized for creating large networks with many reading points with minimal cabling and wireless data transmission over standard WiFi network. Antennas respect the required dimensions of the reading zones and they are very thin, allowing installation in tight spaces. RFID reader has a built-in power supply and therefore does not need the power adapter. This causes often complications at many installations.

Could you specify when the reader will be available commercially?
Currently we are looking for partners and investors for the commercial launch of production and thus it is too early speak about specific dates with certainty. We believe that our RFID reader due to its "niche" parameters will attract both potential partners and satisfied customers.

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Tomas Kubicek
Marketing Manager

Barco, s.r.o.
Okruzni 741
686 05 Uh. Hradiste
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 572 520 052
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