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Slim Modular RFID UHF Antennas FlexiRay for Interior and Industrial Applications

Barco, RFID solutions supplier, released new innovative slim modular RFID UHF antennas for automatic identification suitable to interior or industrial environment. Aesthetic design meets stringent requirements for maintaining a pleasant interior design. Rugged construction enables installation in demanding industrial environments. Antennas have been marketed under the trade name FlexiRayTM.

Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic - January 27, 2010

Slim RFID UHF antennas FlexiRayTM have unique radiation pattern enabling creation of RFID reading zones in entrances, doors, belt conveyors or production lines. Antennas are modular, can be supplied in various lengths from 490 to 1330 mm, which allows optimum adaptation to a particular installation. RFID antennas FlexiRayTM provide flexible mounting options. Antenna’s design allows the use not only in industrial environment, but also in interiors and offices.

Robust antenna model, FlexiRayTM SFR, was designed for industrial applications and for use in interiors as well. Robust all-metal construction was specially developed to be used in demanding industrial environments. Ultra-slim RFID antenna model, FlexiRayTM SF, with a thickness of only 2 mm, was designed for creating RFID reading zones in entrances or doors. The unique antenna design allows also completely invisible installation directly inside the door frame.

The main reasons which led Barco to the development of RFID UHF antennas clarified Tomas Kubicek, Marketing Manager: "The main reasons to develop FlexiRay UHF RFID antennas were based on our experience from real RFID projects. This pointed to gaps on current market for RFID products especially in the filed of RFID deployment in interiors, as well as when installing RFID reading zones on production lines and conveyor belts. Poor design of RFID antennas and also the radiation pattern are bottleneck of many installations.  FlexiRayTM antennas have been successfully tested in real production facility of a major Czech company in a large-scale RFID implementation. The results confirmed our expectations. The antennas have proved to show a better performance than the products of reputable manufacturers tested in this mentioned project. We are pleased that our ideas were correct and our RFID development brings real results."

This project was conducted with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

RFID UHF Antenna Details
FlexiRay SFR - Rugged & SLIM RFID UHF Antenna Technical Details
FlexiRay SF - Ultra SLIM RFID UHF Antenna Technical Details

About Barco
Barco is an IT solution provider in the field of barcode applications, RFID and wireless technologies in business processes. We specialize in solutions for online warehouse management based on utilization of mobile terminals and wireless infrastructure, development and integration of RFID & RTLS systems for contactless automatic identification, assets and people localization in real-time. Our leading product is online Warehouse Management System SmartStock.WMS. The corporation was established in 1993. Barco is a holder of certificate ISO 9001:2001.

Tomas Kubicek
Marketing Manager

Barco, s.r.o.
Okruzni 741
686 05 Uherske Hradiste
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 572 520 052
fax: +420 572 520 032

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