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RFID crate developed for PENAM collects prestigious awards

Logistic crate with an integrated RFID tag developed for PENAM won several prestigious awards: PACKAGING OF THE YEAR 2008 in the category transport and handling packaging, logistics innovation award LOG-IN 2008 in the category of technical equipment for logistics and international award WorldStar for Packaging 2008.

Uh. Hradiste, Czech Republic - 8.12.2008

Transport plastic crate with RFID tag was developed and designed for production and logistics of PENAM company's baking products. On the crate underneath the covering element, there is placed a pasive UHF RFID tag of ALIEN TECHNOLOGY, 240-bit memory with at least 10,000 programming cycles that constitutes a waterproof, resistant and crashworthy protection. By the teamwork of PENAM, Barco and Alfa Plastik companies it was created a packaging with the capability of unique identification throughout the supply chain, that furthermore is also able to contain detail information regarding content of the crate, kind of goods, number of pieces, to whom it is concerned, etc. The design and technical layout of the crate is protected by industrial law.

The company ALFA PLASTIK won for PENAM RFID crate award of logistics innovation LOG-IN 2008 in the category of technical equipment for logistics. The award was handed by the commission chairman Tomas Martoch, GS1 during IX. Logistics Business Mixer at the hotel Ambassador -- Golden Goose on 13.11.2008. The LOG-IN awards is the prestigious appreciation for logistic innovations awarded only during a forum LOG-IN. Annually there are awarded projects and products with the most important innovation in the Czech Republic in several categories. The winners are chosen by an independent expert jury of logistics professionals.

RFID crate has also received awards in the competition PACKAGING OF THE YEAR 2008 in the category of transportation and handling packaging. PACKING OF THE YEAR competition aims to raise the profile of the new packaging ideas and technologies emerging on the Czech market, to present interesting packaging solutions and last but not least appreciate the contribution of the authors of their construction and design. Into the competition was submitted 92 exhibits, awards won 37 of them. The Awards announcement took place during The Packaging Gala Evening on 27.11. 2008. Barco was awarded for significant technological contribution in the RFID crate development.

Success in the national competition “Packaging of the Year” is the gateway to the world packaging competition WorldStar for Packaging 2008 organized by World Packaging Organization (WPO), which took place on 14th and 16th October in the South African Cape Town. The jury comprising representatives of 24 countries granted 134 awards to the registered packaging from 31 countries. From the Czech Republic was submitted 11 applications and awards won 7 of them. To the successfully awarded packaging belonged also RFID crate from Alfa Plastik.

"Success achieved by the development of the RFID crate means a significant shift for us. It’s an important milestone ranking us among companies that are capable not only to integrate RFID but also to successfully develop an RFID solution according to conditions required by the application and the customer. This means extremely valuable experience for us to be used also in other implementation projects. It is a knot-how that decides about the success or failure and it brings us to the next level," Tomas Kubicek, Marketing Manager of Barco, commented on the results of the competition.

Tomas Kubicek
Marketing Manager
Barco, s.r.o.
tel.: +420 572 520 038

About Barco
Barco has been operating on the IT market since 1993. Since its beginning it has been focused on auto-ID and AIDC systems based on barcoding and RFID technology, and its integration into existing ERP systems. As a system integrator in this area, Barco offers integrated portfolio of services - analyses and design, supply and deployment of mobile terminals, barcode scanners and their accessories, development of software equipment for terminals, development of customer tailor-made software for data collection and processing from terminals, supply of barcode printers and their integration into existing system, labels printout, expendable supplies and full customer after sales service.

About Alfa Plastik, a.s.
Alfa Plastik is an established company with high competence in plastics industry. It focuses on production and injection of plastic mouldings, constructions and the production of moulds and tools for logistic packaging and automotive industry. The tools division offers very complex high-tech molds for injection molding, especially for precise technical plastic parts production. Competitive advantage of Alfa Plastik is the first class design staff, using state-of-the-art software and equipment. Alfa Plastik production force is equipped with production facilities in injection molding, welding of plastic parts, printing, assembling. All processes are managed by quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

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