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KARAT Software Uses Specialized RFID and Barcoding Solutions Supplied by Barco

Barco, an integrator of barcode and RFID technologies, and KARAT Software, a developer and supplier of information systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have agreed to cooperate in the area of the supplies of barcode and RFID technologies.

Uh. Hradiste, Czech Republic - 16.4.2008

KARAT Software ranks among the largest developers and suppliers of information systems in the Czech and Slovak markets. The companies see the main opportunity in the ability to offer specialized progressive solutions to customers and implementation partners of KARAT Software. “We have so far implemented over 2000 installations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Because the requirements for specialized automatic identifications have recently intensified, we decided to extend the list of our business partners by an experienced and reliable partner with long-term experience in the field. In addition, the portfolio of Barco includes products for various applications and brands with very good performance parameters. Thanks to our cooperation with Barco we will be able to offer to our customers professional solutions and support with higher effectiveness,” said Vladimír Prinke, Strategy and Marketing Director, as an explanation of the motivation of KARAT Software.

The RFID and barcode technologies offer to companies new possibilities of automatic identification and data collection mobility. These systems have been dynamically developing and intensively implemented throughout all sectors, in both small sized and large enterprises, production and service organizations. The main motives include the improvements in process automation, increase in precision of the performed operations and process control and the improvement of the customers service level. “The solutions using the barcode and RFID technologies have been constantly improving. Their timely deployment might have direct impact on company costs as well as productivity and thus influence the company market competitiveness. We are convinced that thanks to the 15-year experience in the sector, we are able to provide the customers of KARAT Software with modern IT solutions responding to their current needs,” said Peter Valent, Company Executive of Barco Slovakia.

Tomas Kubicek
Marketing Manager
Barco, s.r.o.
tel.: +420 572 520 038
email: tkubicek (at)

Romana Nitkova
Marketing Manager
KARAT Software a.s.
tel.: +420 581 737 111
email: romana.nitkova (at)

About Barco
Barco is a significant solution provider in the field of barcode applications, RFID and wireless technologies in business processes. We specialize on solutions for online warehouse management along with utilization of mobile terminals and wireless infrastructure. Our leading product is online Warehouse Management System SmartStock.WMS. The corporation was established in 1993. Its stock capital is 2 000 000 CZK. Barco is a holder of certificate ISO 9001:2001.

About KARAT Software
With more than 2 000 installations of its products (IS KARAT and IS ISO), KARAT Software Inc. ranks among the most important producers and suppliers of information systems for mid-sized and large companies in Czech and Slovak markets. More than 150 certified experts take part in the development and implementation of the systems, the solutions are provided by a network of several dozen certified partners. In the course of its existence, the company has obtained a range of awards and certifications from leading international companies. In 2007, the company obtained the highest certification degree of Microsoft - Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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