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Ahold Gains Efficiency and Meets Legal Requirements with mobile printers Zebra QL 320

Uh. Hradiste, 3.8.2006

AHOLD Czech Republic, part of international Royal Ahold, is one of the biggest and most dynamically growing retailers in the country. It runs 297 supermarkets, under the brand names of Hypernova and Albert, which in 2005 employed 14,500 people and served more than 155 mil customers. In 2005 AHOLD Czech Republic took over 56 outlets from Julius Meinl network.

The challenge

AHOLD Czech Republic intention was to improve labelling of pre-packed meat products at store level. When the meat was received at the stores it only had one label indicating weight. Ahold used to add a price label using a weighing machine.

In order to unify information on the weight label and Ahold´s price label, Ahold had to change their way of attaching price labels. The only solution seemed to be to scan the weight information from the original label and print a new label based on the original.

The solution

While Ahold hesitated in deciding between stationary and mobile printing possibilities, they eventually chose to go mobile for much more flexibility. Barco, Ahold’s local long-term partner in the area of barcoding and mobile printing solutions pointed to the Zebra QL320 printer. Barco had good experience using this printer in previous projects and did not hesitate to recommend this solution. Light and easy to use, Zebra’s printers ensured that employees were free to move to where the printing was quickest and easiest, saving time by eliminating the necessity to move between a stationary printer and the meat packs.

The specific solution for Ahold included Zebra QL320 printers working with Falcon 320 mobile data terminals. This particular mix of products lets Ahold increase operations effectiveness both in the retail stores and through the supply chain.

The implementation

During the implementation the Falcon 320 was successfully modified to run “Mobile printing” as an extra option.

Following a pilot program in selected stores, the project new mobile printing systems were ensuring that packs of meat were being quickly and accurately labelled. Ahold decided to roll-out the technology into every AHOLD Czech Republic super- and hypermarket store in the country.

The results

The main benefit of this solution was meeting the legal requirements concerning product labelling. Zebra’s mobile printing solutions added the extra flexibility for staff to scan barcodes and print new ones at the point where they are needed. In addition, mobile printing with a mobile terminal, offered Ahold the opportunity to further cut costs and improve time and staff efficiency.

Ahold and Barco are now working on a project to exploit fully the possibilities of Zebra’s QL320 and the Falcon terminal for price marking, mark downs and shelf edge labelling for its whole range of goods.

Projects highlights:

The challenge:

  • Acquire information from already existing barcodes
  • Print labels smoothly and on the spot

The solution

  • Combine the opportunities brought by Zebra QL320 mobile printer and Falcon 320 mobile terminal
  • Add printing option to Falcon 320 software

The results

  • Compliance with labelling regulations
  • Saving staff time
  • Time efficient and flexible printing of labels

Solution Technology

  • Mobile printer Zebra QL320
  • Mobile data terminal Falcon 320

Pavel Vychodil, IT Director, Ahold Central Europe:“It works perfectly. It ensures we meet regulations and it gives us flexibility and efficiency.


The services solution was provided by Barco, s.r.o. For more information, please contact:

Tomáš Kubíček
Marketing Manager
Barco, s.r.o.
Okružní  741, 686 05 Uherské Hradiště
Tel: +420-572 52 00 52
Fax:  +420-572 52 00 32

For further information on Zebra products or to find a local supplier, visit the Zebra website or contact us at:

Zebra Technologies Europe Limited
Zebra House, The Valley Centre
Gordon Road, High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire HP13 6EQ, UK
Tel.: + 44 (0) 1494 472872
Fax: + 44 (0) 1494 450103

For more information about Ahold Czech Republic, please contact:

Kateřina Černá
Manager Communication
AHOLD Czech Republic, a.s.
Radlická 117, 158 00 Praha 5 Nové Butovice
Tel.: +420/234 004 456
        +420/257 297 456

Case study in pdf format download here:

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