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Trango Systems Announces Commercial Availability of 1.5 Gbps TrangoLINK GigaPro™ Microwave Backhaul System

Trango Systems, Inc., provider of high-capacity point-to-point microwave backhaul solutions, announced that their TrangoLINK GigaPro™ is now commercially available from its manufacturing facility in San Diego, California. The split-mount, licensed microwave point-to-point system boasts industry leading system gain across the entire 6-38 GHz frequency range.

Barcelona, Spain – February 16, 2010

“Trango is proud to announce the commencement of shipments of its flagship microwave backhaul platform,” said Zdravko Divjak, President and CEO of Trango Systems, Inc. “With the commercial availability of the GigaPro, Carriers, service providers, and enterprise network operators can install a future-proof system that grows with their network demands and offers configuration options to enhance reliability and support a wide variety of network topologies.”

TrangoLINK GigaPro’s unique dual modem architecture offers a scalable, highly reliable link that serves the international standard licensed bands from 6 to 38 GHz. The GigaPro offers up to 1.5 Gbps aggregate traffic capacity and a native TDM to native Ethernet migration path that is entirely software based, eliminating hardware replacement. Its ability to seamlessly switch or aggregate traffic between two active Outdoor Units (ODUs) ensures the integrity of the link. The GigaPro also supports more traffic interfaces than any other product in its class: up to 2x STM-1/OC-3, 32x T1/E1, and 6x GigE.

GigaPro provides superior performance with up to 2,000,000 packets per second along with QoS provisions make it an ideal fit for fixed and mobile 3G/4G network backhaul, WiMAX, LTE broadband backhaul, municipal, private and public networks. The GigaPro architecture supports Hitless 1+1 Hot Standby, 2+0 Link Aggregation for doubling capacity, East/West Mode for relay links and Space/Frequency Diversity configurations in a single 1U form factor. All modes support hitless adaptive coding modulation (ACM) providing extremely high system gains and enabling higher speeds to be used over longer paths, with smaller antennas.

The TrangoLINK GigaPro™ can be purchased in both a dual and single modem option making it the obvious choice for networks that require flexible, easy expansion. The flagship member of the TrangoLINK Giga™ family also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty and is compliant with FCC/ETSI/IEC and NEBS standards.

About Trango Systems
Trango Systems, Inc. is on the forefront of innovation in developing true end-to-end solutions for the extension of fiber, copper, wireless, private, and public networks. Trango specializes in carrier-grade licensed and unlicensed microwave equipment with the highest capacity, flexibility, and availability for fixed and mobile 3G/4G, WiMAX, LTE, and other access networks that require both Ethernet/IP traffic and TDM traffic. Other applications include extending networks for municipal, public safety, government, private enterprise, utilities, industrial, transportation, wireless video surveillance systems, and more. The privately held corporation is headquartered in Poway, San Diego, CA, U.S.A. where it conducts product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution activities.

About Barco
The Barco Company operates on the ICT market since 1993. Barco specializes in AutoID, RFID & RTLS system integration and distribution of carrier grade microwave broadband equipment for ISP for wireless communication in licensed (3,5GHz-80GHz) and unlicensed (5GHz / 10GHz) bands. Barco delivers solutions for wireless transmission, broadband access and high-capacity backhaul networks for internet and telecommunication sector, communication operators and internet service providers. Barco as Value-Added Distributor (VAD) provides complex portfolio of services, including wireless link free path analysis design & link calculation, technical support and financing services. Barco registered capital amounts to 20 000 000 CZK. Barco is a holder of certificate ISO 9001:2001.

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